Dorothea Lasky
&Matthew Zapruder

The Louvre

I hated her smile
It seemed totally unenigmatic to me

Outdoor Parisian Cafe

I water my books

French Clown

I work in secret
At work for instance

Pillow Talk

When you see a stranger laughing
Your whole life is going to change

Randall Horton


plum and blackberries their juvenile brains could not comprehend


don't forsake what's antithetical to skyscrapers.


i wanted to go retrieve the bicycle, stop the spinning


Blackness comes in collages, it is non-monolithic

Susan Schorn

How I Didn't Kill Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist and Author David Halberstam

An opportunity to spend an entire car ride one-on-one with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Halberstam!

Katherine Bode-Lang


Old books, weak and torn books, all came to my table--

Olbers' Paradox

No, dilation, opening, eyes rounding out in recognition.

The Dying Bees

we'll call this a long summer

Brandon Downing

Featured Video: A Sphere is a Sphere

Remica Bingham

The Body Speaks

I: [we become what we live]

so this act becomes merely the story

II: [There is no such work]

sons of mourning, you know these fingers, these joints

IV: [Say vulva and make it clean]

not slight not slash

Amit Majmudar

Cautionary Animal Fable #6: Toad

"God," she said panting. "It's true what they say"

Jack Ridl

The Letters

each t crossed as if she used a level.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

In my little town, there are five churches.

Fractals: A Nocturne

We are not treated the same as the others, he wrote, and we are living in a rice paddy.

Kimberly Grey


Aren't we all automatic
with our love


Meet woman.
Meet man.

Lisa Norris

Sex Toys

That day in the hall, Diana had worn what she called her Siren song red knit V-necked dress

Ashley David

...and visit us soon.

That's when they offer you a choice between boiled peanuts and fried:

The Nervous White Mind

Buddy hollers round the back to quit my fussing.

Caren Beilin

Self-Portrait in Triplicate

I saw she had put a stone on top of her chest, in the obvious place, its left, as if her heart were paper to be kept, as if something important had been written, but I wondered.

Quinn Latimer

Like the Augur of an Animal Across Your Mind

She was always poor.

Idols That Did Call and Call and Call Your Name

I loved you there: at the scourge Of the river.


giving your lover the sight of your back as you walk without need, and away?

My West

All want, all speed.


It thrashes movingly inside the diorama of my chest.