Life is dear as a worm. We're parading in on the coattails of another new year, tipsy with delight, tossing Issue 2:4 like Tootsie Rolls to the crowd.

Nate Pritts


[It's too overwhelming]

I knew then that my life’s work would be reassembly

[I'm dazzled by the quality of my friend's deep attention]

The dailyness floors me

[I like a wild cosmos]

All you can do is ache               & stay alive.

Carrie Rubinstein

Darren C. Demaree

Firework Over the Retention Pond #19

Look closer, our hands
are empty

C. Dylan Bassett

An Elegy, an Accident, and a House in the Desert To Be Used as a Map

History of love : a lemon tree.

Lisa Cihlar

Spent Things

A great horned owl with curved talons, wicked ebony.

The Selfish Gardener

The shelves will be filled with the red and gold.

Joshua Ware

Poppies Grow Out of My Toenails

We will both be buried alive for the sake of authenticity.

Teresa Pereira

Steven Ramirez

January 31, 1993

Like making a living off Snickers bars and Picolin.

Kathleen McGookey

Every October

...when we walk single file next to the expressway

Weekend in Kentucky

a few dirty soup cans and a bottle of maple syrup

Ruby Amanze

Brianna Caszatt

La Rhune

The sun has been missing for days.


He looked to us. Can you see her?

Jay Sizemore


shaving seconds from the clock like stubble from the arm pits

First Smoke

outside the eggshell

John Brown Spiers


a childhood she freely admitted was just about as pain-free and cotton candy-filled as she could’ve wished it to be

Jane Zweibel