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Matthew Olzmann

The Raising of Lazarus

"I have said all kinds of things that were never true."

At Panda Express

"the final candle is always the one that tries to stay lit"

All of it is Fading from View

"Yesterday, you pulled a muscle in your back reaching for the phone."

Aleksey Yudzon

Alan Habhab

Pears and Birds

"Now-a-days, hunting pears for sport is rare."

The Pond

"aluminum fish: pickerel or bass"

Sandra Dyas

Suzanne Marie Hopcroft

Proof of Proposition 2

"a borrowed oboe can plump the insufficient music"

John Popielaski


"I’m still dependent on the match"

Emma Bolden

Melancholy Inside the Body

"There are too many sunsets. Every watch is lost."

José Arenas

Melissa Carl

Postcard from My Own December

"My Thai friend tells me, “you have good ghosts.”"


"Her mind is usually a hive"

Yeon Ji Yoo

Peter Berghoef

Little Waves

"we are sick of seeing it"

Margaret Graber

The Ghost of Robert Frost Visits in a Dream

"wormholes in the night sky you can make in your kitchen"

Sean Brown

Ten Thousand Shields and Spears

"laughed at my ineptitude with cold’s rules—"