gangplank walking

Patrick Dundon


"he held his house key under my nose"

Yours Forever, Patrick

"revealing the pinkest, freshest skin"

Bucky Miller

Jeff Hipsher

For Sale Signs Grow From The Brown Patches Of Dead Grass

"the meiosis of moving out"

Chad Reynolds

from The Doctor

IV: [One patient comes to me]

V: [She comes every Thursday]

"She does and doesn’t believe"

X: [I have a memory of running]

XI: [The patients I see]

XXI: [My son says he won’t speak to me]

"How can I say how disappointed I am with him?"

Danny Rios

Jessica McCaughey

Because It Is 1997

"spreads from her ear to her brain to her limbs in shivers and then turns to heat"

Laura Davis

The problem of sex

Woman as human being

"to keep slaves"

Mike Dockins

Postcard, with Slingshots

"might work at CVS like I did at 20"

Postcard, with Fear & Mathematics

"not the litter of sungolds"

Susie Meserve

Postcard, Machines

"O impossibility, O slingshot lake"

Ginger Ko

Nine-tailed Fox Is Reborn in the Wrong Country

"let me raise your ex-girlfriend’s abortion"

Baby Shower

"the skin on my cheeks frescoed hard and glossy"

Les Kay

Moral Drift

"I’ll shed myself of tomorrow"

Self Portrait as Suburban Lawnscape

"a bitter orange rind flake in marmalade"

Jessica Alexander


"“Not the kind,” the country cowboy said, “you get from bending down and picking a thing up for a reason.”"

Martha Olson

Linwood Rumney

The Nameless City

"I am in “_____?”"