Alice Dunseath

Denise Duhamel & Haya Pomrenze


"My mother wasn’t in the forgiveness business."


"From my mother I inherit the gift of rage."


"My father didn’t want to spend the last years of his life in real jail."

Cameron Gearen

Amnesiac's Journal

"The tragic accident of DNA. Chagrin, chagrin."

Thomas Patrick Levy

Everywhere with My Lips

"I untie the pages one at a time."

Coco Karol

Portia Elan

Every Failed Eulogy

"Butter, South American cocaine, torn fender."


"I break into the snow bank and go around."

Keith Johnson

Siel Ju


"It was a nice day for killing deer."

JP Kemmick

The Shower

"The woman who was not his wife sometimes left lipstick rings around his nipples, an act his wife would have found distasteful and, more importantly, in her perpetual joylessness, a waste of good lipstick."

Mathias Svalina


"I could see how every muscle worked in their big & their singing was the biggest door creaking"


"I order the banana split because it is the most expensive item on the menu."


"Everyone makes out with everyone beneath the canopy of fir trees."

Sara Watson

Kim Amsler

"You slump on her digital scale."


"We play Patty Loveless songs
on the jukebox"

Lucille Boitelle