John Oliver Hodges


"He loved homemade gravestones, goldenseal, sleeping different places, girl bass players, the smell of linseed oil, the smell of New York City, walking through forests, bald women, reading biographies and history books of interesting people and events, and visiting the ruins of Southern plantations."

Brian Taylor

Carrie Chappell

A Version of Wisdom

"My heart is a closet, a culture of sweetness to be sure."

Here on Happy Stylish Town

"Only words paint the gourd a gourd."

Karen Skolfield

Everyone With the Last Name of “Young” Is So Damn Amazing

"Do they feel naked holding that little rim of gold, or worse – do they feel ordinary?"


"There must be a way to move it that conveys a shared sadness."

4-D Glasses

"The trees, which must be the children of our trees, look the same."

Megan Collins

Crime Scene Reporter

"What I’ve heard sounds a little Judy Garland— red lips, a thick, trembling voice—but I’m open to interpretations..."

Kyle Hemmings

Alice White Loves Me Because

"You’ll say Your body is too white in the shadows."

Ira Joel Haber

Notebook Drawings

July Westhale

Poem to Clear the Air

"Upsetting characters in retelling them..."

Nermine Hammam


Brandi Wells

cheaterhorse ruins the salad bar

"we begin climbing down pipes small cakes tucked under our arms..."

cheaterhorse is like your mother

"unspun, dripping, horse-shaped, yarn-shaped, horsemeat, yarn-meat"

cheaterhorse has a rally

"leaving their bodies useless bananas, wingless wagers"

Jenny MacBain-Stephens

Backyard Poem #10

"My brother spent a summer collecting long purple worms in a jar."

Ana Prundaru