Jessica Fjeld

You can't hide electricity anywhere

I mean the place where
we screamed

with our heads under water
and then came up and high-fived

because we had survived
or were still surviving

our own emotions
That’s where I wondered

if the shadowsin passing
just given me someone to talk to

apart from the freight train
which though it

no doubt loved me dearly
charged onward

In its wake was a dewy
evening air

I loved
in my turn

which love I showed
by gulping it all down

until the air was consumed
and the evening was consumed

and the people of the shadows
had they known me

would have given me back
to the night


The little green light of my heart
acknowledges below it

tractor-trailers full of ripening bananas
moving with purpose into the twilight

The drivers are sharp men
wearing hats that are smudged

by all the times they’ve been doffed
to ladies in the street

Go, gosays the green light
to the ladiesBe on your way

My heart in its smallness loves endings
for endings’ own sakes, because otherwise

it is so difficultto spool out the threads
that lead on to everyone you love