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Devon Branca

Tape of “Katie Lazzaro Walking Home, Binghamton, NY, 1976”

“And how do I advertise love, who can advertise love,
what other goods and services can be advertised”

Tape of “Carissa Golevik’s Instructions for a Job Interview”

“Play your theme song
on a harmonica as you enter and exit the room.”

Julie Ridl

Buzz Hudson


Drowning seemed like a good idea only minutes before…

Michael Mlekoday

The History of People Who Have Been Killed by Their Own Inventions

“(Should we count the children trying to invent superhero capes from bed sheets? The hopeless trying to invent a way out?)”

Self-Portrait with Pollination

“Tonight I didn’t kill anything.
Tomorrow I will
sell flowers by the pound”

Lauren Schmidt

A Woman at the Gym Queefs while Stretching

“But you go on climbing the ropes of the air,
then you sway like beach reeds in the breeze”

Tony Leuzzi

If It’s the Last Thing I Do

“Not so for Skunk, whose genius could be summed up best in a line from Mythmatics, his posthumous (and most celebrated) volume of verse…”

Whisper Not

“His prose, a tad too controlled to be spontaneous, teeters on the brink of despair…”

Dustin Timbrook

Kimberly Lojewski

The Honey Dance of Moccasin Wallow

“The better you communicate with the dead, the more money you make.”

Jonah Ogles


“…snowsuits. black with
red stripes on the cuffs and swooshing like mad with every step.”

Sam Alper


“He was a very handsome dirty little man.
He wore his shirt open.
I liked him quite a bit.”

Sheri Wright

Tiffanie Desmangles

Marriage, 9th Year

“we journey at opposite ends of our caravan,
between us, a trail of strollers, DaVinci cribs, bouncy chairs,
breast pumps, lost jobs, and a big box of resentments”

Christopher Citro

Ten More Minutes, Please

“or use the electric can opener to carve a map of the night sky into the dining room table”

What? What Is It You’re Trying To Tell Me?

“She sat next to me on the sofa, wound one up and set it on her knee there between us.”

Paul Hostovsky


“I imagined myself in his skin,
the hair crowding my seat like
a crowd in their seats”

Ruthie Rodriguez

Priscilla Mainardi

Stop Motion

“Leah, unsmiling, looked powerful, as inscrutable as the snake.”