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Sam Spreckley

Tory Adkisson

First Harvest

“The desert I love is full of needles”

Kissing His Feet

“a taste of his wanderings:”

Doubting the Gods

“Each bird
is a litany on a wire.”

Monic Ductan

Sticky-Note Memories

““Grandma,” I said later as I stood in the doorway. “Time for lunch.””

Ruth Baumann

Self-Portrait as a Human

“I don’t remember the right way
to worship.”

Gaia Veenis

Be Someone Special

“Too young, but not bad. Worth giving a business card to, at the very least.”

D.R. James

Briefing Bill Stafford, 7 A.M.

“And it appears this President may be
bought, too.”


“This is going

Jessy Randall and Daniel Shapiro

Three Diagram Poems

“Someone elses pages”

Rachel Lyon

Children We Never Had

“I walked downtown as the mist became rain, sweater open, mind sad and blank.”

William Harris

ode to pie a la mode

“1/4 teaspoon nutmeg”


Molly Kat

July 8

“she thinks one day she’ll meet someone who can hug her instead of pointing out how little sense she makes”

Marcos Zotes

Robert Slentz-Kesler

Mr. Beaumarchais

““Mr. Beaumarchais?” It was the office intercom again.”

Nathaniel Rounds


“Hey, Mom! Look at these astrological coordinates!””

Karissa Morton


“like trying to feed apples to your ghost,”

Max Chen

Jamison Crabtree

in eden; there was a man a woman; a tgi friday’s

“and there were sculptures of most of the animals that never existed;”

he wears gloves to undress himself; the moon blows us kisses

“and she’s not her at all;”