ribbit ribbit

Andrea Cohen

Memory Foam


“That’s where I fell
deeply too, dreaming”

The Best of It

At the Proust House

“Toughs like us
pinch madeleines”

Carr Kizzier

Marck L. Beggs


“She would sit for hours transfixed on the Eukanuba or American Kennel Club dog shows, ooh!ing and ah!ing over the poodles”

Jared Salyers

Canoeing with Exes

“The creek is always the first way”

Losing the Fuzz

Alternative Country

“A low-fi boot firmly planted
In yesterday’s soaked low moan”

Joseph Salvatore

Got the Wings of Heaven on my Shoes

If I Can’t Have You

“He imagined how tempting that mouth would be to kiss if he and Pauline ever went to mass together, if he ever saw her close those eyes in ecstatic prayer.”

Stayin’ Alive

More Than A Woman / (Tavares)

“When Bobby found Mike unbendable on a Monday morning, he tried mouth-to-mouth, lifted the solid creature to his lips and puckered around his now dry nose”

Matt Mauch

From the owner’s manual

“—then took the language with the word rheostat in it”

Jean-Pierre Parra

Led Astray


John Popielaski

That Special Something

“your presence here
is mayfly”

Alfred Brown IV

The Concept of Flight

“But he is most concerned not with cavemen but with children.”

Jesse Wide

Mikey Battles Emotions

“(It is clearly some form of self-help.)”

That Burrito

Antonio McAfee

Lawrence Kaplun

Paying Attention

Nude (Study), Sad Young Man On A Train

“the way someone
walks away from a painting”

Jordan Pennington

Her Hands

“to lock like strands
of challah”

Nathan McClain

The Gospel of Geppetto

“Whittled so thin he itched whenever near
The crackle of wood”

Dear Father

“She bites into a raw tomato—pulp and seed blot her blouse.”

Camilo Roldán

Wendy Rawlings

America s Fat Men and Skinny Women

“The chickens hold up ingenious little lightweight aluminum walkers with tiny wheels on the bottoms.”