September 10, 2012

Congratulations. Toad delivers this special offer Issue 2:3, replete with humility and ugliness and art-popping, word-swapping swagger. Our warm warted hearts are thumping, to say the least. To say the most, check out our newly old forum; and as always: read up, breed well, and send us what you can’t share with anyone else.

Feature Artist

Drew Tanner

Lucien Meadows


“Her eyes were painted silver;”

On Passing through the Monongahela Forest at Night

“sometimes I awake at three am”

Bobby Rogers

Essay on Friendship

“She espaliered the climbing roses”

Anne Charlton


“the sound of snow piling carefully
onto frozen grass,”

Patrick Dougherty

Naomi Shihab Nye

I Won’t Tell

“her damn husband won’t bring those catalogues up,”

Jennifer Gravley


“His grown daughter had never married or even borne a child out of wedlock.”

The Physicists

“We avoid everything.”


“saltine crackers, old dog collars, pieces of belts and strings we can use for leashes.”

Jack Ridl

Oh I Suppose

“I suppose you love me when I walk back in,”

This Is What It Was Like

“his angry father who owned Willie’s Ice Cream

Christina Cook

The Street Gods

“belief in a seedless nothing”

The Fire Eater

“the virtual nature of their lives


Tony Rickaby

Stephen Danos

Urban Sprawl

“just the sins you | cradle in bed”

Leave on a High Note

“no cure but a house divided against the self | permanently”

Megan Hudgins

Rabbit Fetus Reabsorption 1

“the suction of need, of gut on gut.”

Rabbit Fetus Reabsorption 2

“the electric plume of lifeblood”

Rachel Bennett

If There Is a Shore

“Hitching north on dusk.”

Lee Etheredge IV