Daniel Hudon

Bashō and the Grebes

“When disturbed, rather than hiding in the reeds, they swam out on open water.”

Ellen Coleman Izzo

Kati Mertz

Dress as a statue for Halloween

“My hair
in the sun down my back
& pretty”

Philip Schaefer

Lower Rattlesnake

“We are conch shells…”

Chris Garrecht-Williams

Headlines From the Delirium of Morning

“It’s warm in early February…”

Imitations of Fall

“If this is of no interest to you I’m sorry…”

Traci Molloy

Matt Rowan

Eyesore of a Thing

“His eyes were shackled red. “

Candie Sanderson

Eureka, CA

“You waited in a tin trailer where we used to squeeze lemons.”

Pete Miller

Adam at 40

“He might as well have given
name to each of his pubic hairs.”

Amorak Huey


“…because it seemed out of character
and we felt so out of place.”

Lorie McCown