Hannah Dela Cruz Abrams

Now I Am What

“When the idea of your shoulder occurs, I rub my legs together.”

Apology To My Son

“How prowling and hungry you must be.

To Visit Me at Midnight

“I am tired of men who owe me nothing.”

Rebecca Eades

Things We Didn’t Do Because You Died

“We went to the edge of an airfield and you put yogurt on my sunburnt face, shoulders.”

Lindsay Metivier

Bess Cooley

Poem Written while Writing Another Poem

“Here is where the parking garage lights up in spite of itself.”

Poem Starting with a Cello and Ending with the Hoan Bridge

“When I called, my mother did not say, ‘Come home…'”

Mike Dockins

You, Reader: a Mythography, Vol. 1

“Riding a god-damned bus to your sad job.”

Little Prayer from Somewhere in Queens

“May you sip pinot noir off the belly of your adorable neighbor.”

Jonathan Brooks

Allison Berry Blevins


“Being a mother has changed my hands.”

The Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments Against Gay Marriage

“I can smell the honeysuckle just beginning.”

A Horse Running

“Call your own body a horse running…”

Nandini Dhar


“This desire: to recall the shape of the whole.”

Andrew Chuani Ho

Michael Levan

Poet’s Guide to the Doppler Effect

This is what emergency sounds like.

Laura Scrivano

Alethea Magdalena Tusher

Prophesy: Finger

“Your teeth have been chewing meat all their life for this moment.”