Issue {6:1} features guest-editor Julia Tillinghast, some roaring visuals, and a fierce array of writers who have come together to bring you our latest and greatest.

Julian Smuggles

[a new commercial center with mulitple overpasses]

“All the golden grass ripped up by secret night burglars.”

Julia Tillinghast

Heart Sutra Translation

“I held the other piece of this sutra on my tongue like a red candy.”

Josh Loeser

Bradley Meyer

Children’s Books

“Egg collector is not deliberate the way children are deliberate.”

Escape Velocity

“Jesus never died so often as in every art museum.”

Kelli Allen

Sometimes, as we move closer to autumn

“There is no end to my hands covering your eyes.”

Benoit Paille

Amy Jo Trier-Walker

Just machete the woods

“I can’t machete my grief.”

Give me your spring hands

“You will be my rain down a swooping barn under the covers.”

Alex Grybauskas

Ashton Kamburoff

Benching: A Note on Passing Boxcars

“Oxidized muscle rattling in headlight.”

Understanding James Brown

“Darling, pinned to the coattails of your exhale is where I have wished myself.”

Cheryl Kutcher


“No hardening lava expanded into these island flashbacks.”

David Gardner

Jennifer Jackson Berry

Coming to Terms with Gambling & Losing

“See every mountain-top like blinking eyes.”