Julia Tillinghast

Heart Sutra Translation

It is That month again The one where silence Stops being a dog you have to chase The one where Silence lives here Last night I read that Form is form And emptiness is emptiness I held The other piece of this sutra On my tongue like a red candy While we made love Relief Into The panther of your panther body Our skulls buzzing Like the milky way when the stars Are a spray of dust from a distance They say non-dualism is not A two way street To be so Would be a paradox Like someone saying they are classy The spirit is not Different from the body But the body is the spirit and also The body is simply The body and I cannot Taste the truth as a human being Without acknowledging There is a part of me That has no human name No parents No birth Whether that means anything Is not relevant Spirit is spirit I am changing a tire I cannot even hear you