Kathleen McGookey

According to the Watkins Dictionary of Dreams

Last night I pulled pair after pair of children’s shoes from a lake’s clear shallows: excessive attachment to the material world. They’d been worn, but someone could still use them. Maybe as a disguise. Maybe to carry an acceptable burden. My pregnant friend followed in a boat, collecting the shoes. Thus luck may represent the loss of luck. Here is a possibility for rational answers: before he died, my friend’s husband was the only scientist on the island. Think Gilligan. Think Greenland. Perception is everything in this sort of context. An intruder crouched behind a bedroom door; a child entered. Though death may represent birth, the reverse, needless to say, is also true. On shore, a bulldozer uprooted trees with an animal rumble. Peaches and plums dropped into the lake, where they waited, and trembled, a little.