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11 Easy Tips on How to Properly Submit to Toad

**Has your submitted work been previously published? We don’t want it.

**Toad accepts submissions year-around. Simultaneous submissions are welcome and honored. Please do not send withdraw-emails. Our brain is so small and we get so confused. If we accept your piece but it’s already been published, then you can feel doubly good about it, and we’ll keep on reading like we do. Multiple submissions per genre aren’t accepted, so please check updates at the bottom of this page to see when we’re reading for the next issue.

**Toad is both ahead and behind the times. We accept submissions by email and carrier pigeon only.

**Before submitting, please make eye candy out of Toad, and realize we want exciting art and we want it all: videos, music, collaborative projects, ekphrastic works, genre-crossing/bending art, and of course, all the usual suspects, with Verbal Kint included.

**Please include the genre of your work and your last name in the subject line of all submissions and in the title of all attachments (e.g. Dramatic Monologue-Jagger).

**In the body of the email include your name, and one or many aspect/s of everyday life that you consider art. (See the contributor’s page for happenin’ examples.)

**Attach a single PDF or Word document that contains your submission.

**Please include no more than six poems, three “flashing fictions” (no more than 1,000 words each), or two French hens per genre submission.

**If you are submitting A-R-T that exists beyond the realm of a Word document, please include your contact information and bio in the body of the email, along with any links or subsequent attachments for us to experience.

**Send all properly formatted submissions and questions to [email protected]

**As of July 2013, Toad no longer accepts traditional fiction. Short shorts and flash flashes are ragingly encouraged.

We will do our best to respond within 30 days, however, we may require three months or more. If you haven’t heard from us within this time, feel free to follow-up with queries regarding the status of your submission.

We are currently reading for issue 6:2, so give us a try!