Using a Cause and Effect Essay Sample to Improve Your Writing Skills

This cause and effect essay can be used at school or university level. Basically, it is a test on the word “cause” and its effect on others. Usually, it is written using first-position verbs (first person singular). However, you can use any language you prefer. The main idea is to show that one cause caused another to happen.

You should start by creating the text. You will find several transition words such as a, an, and the. These will guide you in writing the introduction, body and conclusion. One common cause and effect essay sample involve two people in a relationship. In the introduction the subject refers to the person giving the advice, while in the body it talks about the other person who received the advice.

Both people were recommended a certain way by another person. Their relationship ended and they both agreed that it was a mistake. The following sentences indicate that the advice they received was good. The conclusion of the effect essay says that it is possible that they still have feelings for each other even though they have separated. These cause and effect essays can contain many different subjects.

A cause and effect essay can also show the link between objects. For example, if you read the sentence, ‘The dog hurts the children every day because it hurts the children.’ Then we can interpret it as follows: When the dog hurts the children every day, the children are hurt because of the dog. They are indirectly hurt when the dog bites them. The causes and effects must always be clear.

The cause and effect format come handy when you want to demonstrate how one thing leads to another. For example, when you read, ‘The student was rude to me. He made me upset and made me cry.’ This can be read as: When the student was rude to me, I got angry. This caused me to cry, which in turn caused the other students to be angry too, because they thought, “The student is being rude to me again.”

Be consistent about your interpretation of the sentences

If one sentence says, “The girl liked the boy.” Then the other sentences should interpret this in the same way, “The girl liked the boy, but then he said to her, ‘Your boyfriend is rude to you all the time.’ ” Be consistent with your analysis and you will achieve an overall accurate chain structure.

Add a conclusion

There are two possibilities here. You can conclude either that the causes and effects are unrelated, or that the causal chain runs in the opposite direction. You should indicate the direction of the causal chain in your conclusion. For example, if the first paragraph ends with, “So the girl liked the boy,” then you can indicate that the girl liked the boy, but not the boy.

A cause and effect essay example should help you understand the difference between correlation and causation. When writing papers for school, students often try to fit facts into predetermined patterns and do not allow for the influence of events, which can lead to incorrect interpretations. Use cause and effect diagrams and statements to explain your main ideas and get a good grade.

Keep your main ideas down to a single paragraph only

If you start out with several paragraphs introducing different concepts and then jump around in your explanation, you will likely be penalized for your use of multiple paragraphs. The penalty for using multiple paragraphs for your cause and effect statements is that you will need to provide supporting evidence for each of your claims. An example of this is that if you explain how the causes of procrastination are related to the fact that people who procrastinate are lack of confident people, you would need to present evidence that those people lack confidence.


The cause and effect essay examples you will use should encourage you to practice your writing skills. You might not think that essay writing is difficult, but you’ll quickly find out that composing error free, clear and concise arguments requires a great deal of concentration and skill. Try to make your essay as orderly as possible by using proper grammar and structure. If you have trouble with these aspects of your writing, then it’s probably because you haven’t had enough practice writing essays yet.

Remember that your essay will not be as good as it could be if you don’t practice. Try not to become frustrated with your draft. Write down your errors in multiple paragraphs so that you can look at your essay later on and correct them if needed. Always remember that a final draft is always subject to change. So before you turn in your final draft, go through your copy over in your mind and make sure that there are no obvious grammatical errors.