This will be my last and Lisa's last issue as head editors. We don't know yet when the hearty hopper will be back in the hands of a loving chief and associate editor. Here's to sun, the stormy future, and doughnuts.

Ӧsel Jessica Plante

Lying on a Bench in Dorothy B. Oven Park

"not even the spade in his hand
has less"

The Magician

"A trapeze artist

keeps her knees bent in sleep."

No one ever tells you

"throwing a bruised arm
over our shoulder and sighing in an ear for all we missed"

Roger Salucci

Jessica Rae Bergamino

The Grand Tour

"When our bodies learn to throb in wartime
it’s because wartime is all we have. "

Alexis Rhone Fancher

The Lovers on Pfeiffer Beach

"I pointed them out on the cliff, but you were busy
with your phone."

Keep Walking

"In Hollywood the streets talk trash, hold murder
in their asphalt..."

Meghan Tutolo

Florencia Varela


"Too old this early..."

Jessica Fjeld

You can't hide electricity anywhere

"which love I showed
by gulping it all down"


"The drivers are sharp men
wearing hats that are smudged"

J.I. Kleinberg

Jolene Lai