Nathan Kemp

Imaginitive Wandering Emblematic of Wandering

“I am not searching
for anything in particular.
Whatever reaches me, reaches me
by surprise.”

Lee Etheredge IV

Melinda Wilson

Driving All Morning Through the Blue Ridge Mountains

the oldest rock must provide its own anchor.”

Andrew Collard

Becoming Strangers

“I drove her to the alter
and back.”

Allison Cekala

Jessica Scicchitano

Get a Load of My Backyard

“My last photograph would reveal his head
bent over my lap: some saintly prehistoric creature.”

Jessie Janeshek

The Pain of Young Want/Blah Blah Blah Those Lost Days

“As your sex tigerwhines
and your dick lionwinters
I hate you with raw snow
red meat, piece of mind.”

Joe Bichard

Lauren Camp

One Hunger Could Eat Every Other

“The thick line of life is all hunger.”

Lucian Mattison

In the Yoke: Dementia

“He laces up his fears
like military boots.”

In the Yoke: Recovery

“Health notices
the others talking down
at the end of the table.
It’s passing the bread.”

Heather McNaugher


“The couch is pretense.”

Sarah Lawrence

“she filmed us having sex
for her movie, sorry.”

Allen Forrest

Laura Madeline Wiseman

Candy and Cigarettes

“America, put your
queer girl shoulder right here.”